• Valerie Tate
    Valerie Tate:

    When Val walks into a room, you feel it. Her openness to life, genuine curiosity in every encounter, is palpable. She's always looking for that spark in you that is on the verge of coming alive. With a tinge of playful mischief, she knows just how to dig deep, and when to let go and have fun, She's here to explore, to experiment, to dance, to be in connection. Valerie's not afraid of uncomfortable feelings. In fact, she welcomes them; she trusts that they ultimately lead us to our precious life energy, to our human potential, to our creative & relational genius.

    • Psychotherapist, Artist, Poet, Intuitive, Teacher & Healer
    • Meditation Teacher & Workshop Leader
    • Expressive Art Therapist
    • Principal and Founder ExperiencEssence (2010)

    www.valtate.com | tatevalerie@gmail.com | 415.601.9038

    Natalie Zeituny

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