• Natalie Zeituny
    Natalie Zeituny:

    From a very young age, I am a curious girl. I dont take no for an answer. My game is the instigation of the fabric of reality. Conventions, systems, paradigms, are not for me to follow but to look at.Why, how, who leads me to an intimate dance. I want to decipher the Theory of Everything. My life is dedicated to awakening our world to new levels of awareness. I start to feel rested when higher potentials are revealed and expressed. My teachers are beauty, grace and sophistication.

    • Business Entrepreneur, Innovator, Designer, Director
    • Teacher, Intuitive and Healer
    • Energy Medicine Intuitive, Life Coach
    • Principal and Founder NZconsulting (2002)
    • Conscious Business (2006)
    • ExperiencEssence (2010)

    www.nataliezeituny.com | info@nataliezeituny.com | 415.385.7818

    Valerie Tate

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